One Week Left To Sign Up To The Influence Competition!

My First Viral Article Online- How To Have One Too!

One Week Left To Sign Up To The Influence Competition!

Would you like to grow your influence so that you can increase the impact you have on things like your career, causes you care about and the way you want to contribute to the world?

Then you should consider signing up to this list to be in with the chance of winning some free consultancy from me!

One person will win:

  • A consultation call with me (over Skype) to grow their influence
  • A 2 page analysis of their online profile
  • A 1 page recommendation for future steps to take, using my LEAPS model


The competition closes in one week as it is scheduled to end one month from the launch of The Influence Expert.

You can see an article with details of the launch here and our manifesto here.

Since the launch we’ve had lots of people supporting our messages, more than 1000 views of the site in the first few days and excitement around the idea that people can grow their influence and achieve the things that they want to in life.

We’ve nearly hit the maximum number of people who can enter the competition so please sign up quick!


If you sign up to my list, as well as having the chance to win some free support from me, I will be sending you lots of tips, inspiration and insights every week that will help you to grow your influence.


Remember, sign up today for your chance to win the free consulting!

If you have any specific questions about influence please let me know and I will try to cover them on the site.




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