Introducing An Influencer Series- Julia Hobsbawm

This new series is where I introduce the work of an influencer who I particularly admire and think that you could learn something from. As I am sure you know, networking is a huge part of influence and therefore something I spend a lot of time thinking about- note my free course here for example. […]

How Would You Like The Influence Expert To Help You?

I am developing the next phase of work of The Influence Expert- and as we passed our 1st anniversary recently I am getting feedback about how I can help you most now and in the future. I’d love to hear your views about how I can help you grow your influence so that you can […]

Students Of The Influence Expert- Now In 105 Countries

                More than 1,750 students in 105 countries have now signed up for our free Udemy course!   It is called ‘How To Network’   You can access the course here   Positive comments have so far included:   Excellent Course. I learned a lot. Instructor is very […]

What Does It Take To Be The Best?

Recently I have been pondering this question. What does it take if you want to compete with the very best in any field? Often we see the result, not the preparation. We see Michael Phelps dive into a pool and swim like no-one has swum before, but we don’t necessarily see the pain it took […]

Bonuses For The Project You Competition!

  My FREE competition, Project You, is ending on the 15th of January. As promised, I am offering some bonuses in addition to the general prize package already detailed in the link above.   The three bonuses are:   1- I have launched my first online course called ‘How To Network’   The course outlines […]

Our First Online Course- Totally Free!

  Very happy to share with you that my first ever online course is up! Called ‘How To Network’ it will help you be a better and more confident networker. It covers topics like: How to have a networking plan How to network effectively at events, using my own ‘3 P’S’ Method How to be memorable […]

Adding Value To Other People- Your Life Mission

What can you do to add value to other people? I think figuring out the answer to that question should be your life’s mission. I believe it will lead to a freer, more just and more happy world. In your job, how have you been adding value to other people? Do you feel like you […]

Project You- My Competition For An Amazing 2017

Do you want to take everything that you do to a whole new level in 2017 and make it your most successful year ever? Do you feel like you want to take the next step in your career and your life? Maybe you are facing a difficult choice about what to do next and want […]