The First Anniversary Of My First Book

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This month is the anniversary of my first book ‘How To Become An Influencer’.

I wanted to write this post for two reasons- firstly to celebrate and secondly to say what it has meant for me and while you might to write a book too.

Celebration first…

I felt extremely proud when I finished my book and I feel just as proud now. There are some things which you complete and are happy about for just a short time- but for me this is the gift that keeps on giving.

I didn’t need to write a bestseller to be happy (maybe one day). Writing a book was perhaps my biggest lifetime ambition and a few things connected to it have just been so rewarding- like putting a hard copy of the book in the hands of my Grandad, who is in his 90s. Also, I have just been so pleased to be able to share my work with a wider audience.

So, here are some of the main things I think it has done for me after one year:


1- I now think of myself as an author

This is a big deal for me. As much as I thought I was a writer of some description (I had written many blogs and guest articles for example) I still think writing a book was a distinct achievement for me that makes me view my own work and potential in a slightly different way.


2- I have a much better framework for my thoughts- and I’m just getting started

The process of writing the book and the depository of my ideas that the book contains have meant that it is much easier for me to come up with new content ideas and have a better framework for my content. I have hardly started really, there is endless material to create and areas that I want to learn about more.


3- It has been a wonderful way to get people interested in my work

It has been so good to be able to share my book with people from all over the world and to connect them to my work. It has helped me to build a supportive and growing Tribe.


4- It helped spark off a real year of development

A lot of things have happened to me this year on a professional basis. From working with some brilliant clients; to enjoying a ‘perfect day‘; from speaking at two British Embassies in different European cities; to writing my first viral article– while continuing to live and work in different places- three new ones since I wrote the book- I think the book helped me to move forward.


5- It put a ‘marker in the sand’

As with many people who are growing a new business I sometimes find it hard to measure my progress. My book felt like a clear piece of progress and showed (to myself and to others) how serious I am about this topic.


I encouraged others to write a book in this article. If you haven’t written one, please think about it. Maybe it isn’t the right time for you right now or maybe you have no ambition to write (or you like sharing your ideas in a different way). If that is the case, I’m not judging! But, if you are interested it is getting easier and easier and if I can do it, you can do it too!

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