The 10 People You Need To Know In 2018

The 10 People You Need To Know In 2018

Happy New Year and thanks for all your support of The Influence Expert in 2017! I’ve written a post for LinkedIn which discusses:   What we’ve been up to this year: Including living in five countries, my first viral article and more…   What our top plans are for 2018: Chiefly, creating amazing resources for […]

Our Most Important Influence Posts So Far

My First Viral Article Online- How To Have One Too!

  In no particular order, the top ten posts that I have produced about influence as The Influence Expert┬áso far are:   1- What Is Social Influence? 2- The LEAPS Model 3- How To Become An Influencer 4- The Influence Star 5- Influence Is Impact 6- What Does Influence Mean? 7- Why You Should Think […]

How To Know What To Do With Your Life

In the video above I present a ‘Big Idea’ that fascinates me: how do you know what to do with your life?   In the video I explain:   Why passion is important- Because having a purpose will help you get more done Because when we find what we are naturally good at, things come […]

Quick Tips To Make You A Better Influencer

My ‘One Minute Influence’ series is picking up pace on YouTube- I am publishing roughly one video every week. Recent additions include: Stop Thinking And Start Doing Following Up With People It is quite a challenge for me to cover each subject in a minute or less, sometimes I go slightly over and have to […]