Ten Little Wins To Keep You Moving Forward

Ten Little Wins To Keep You Moving Forward

Sometimes, despite your best of intentions your day just isn’t going well. I wanted to share 10 little wins that you can build into what you are doing to make yourself feel like things are moving forward:

1- Share something of you with the world

2- Share something to help someone else’s work

3- Take one thing that has been on your mind for ages and move it forward, even just a little

4- Give yourself ten minutes to do some planning so that you can get your day (or your week) back on track

5- Give yourself five minutes of doing nothing. Just stop the world and get off for a tiny bit to help push reset

6- Go for a walk, even if just round the block. Feel the sun on your face or the wind on your cheek, whatever the weather is like where you are at this time of year

7- Take the time to note down some of the things you are grateful for. My wife’s Journal can help you with this

8- Get involved in something bigger than yourself- do something small to support a movement or cause that you believe in

9- Meet up with someone new and have a chat about what you are both passionate about

10- Take one tiny step towards a major goal you’ve had for a long time


Here are just some examples, what are other things you can think of? What do you do to get your day back on track?


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