How To Know What To Do With Your Life

In the video above I present a ‘Big Idea’ that fascinates me: how do you know what to do with your life?   In the video I explain:   Why passion is important- Because having a purpose will help you get more done Because when we find what we are naturally good at, things come […]

How Can You Make Yourself Memorable?

  Well, you could do it by dressing up like the fellow above. But I wouldn’t advise it. So, how can you make sure that you are memorable at say, a networking event? You might do it by: Being an obvious master of your craft Impressing people with your knowledge Wearing something consistently so that people […]

Big Ideas- A New Video Series About Influence

We have started a new video series on YouTube called ‘Big Ideas’ in which I will discuss some of the major themes and ideas of the subject of influence. These videos won’t be released as regularly as the ‘One Minute Influence’ videos but I’ll make sure to spread the word online when they get published. […]

Early Episodes Of The 4 Influence Show

I’ve really appreciated the response I’ve received to my new ‘4 Influence Show’ on Periscope. As with anything new, it is really important to have people supporting you early on so I’ve appreciated the kind online comments and the people who have watched the show so far. It is a chance for me to reach […]

Growing Your Influence In A Busy World – Five Things I’ve Learned From Running Lime Green Consulting

  This is a guest post from Mike Zywina. Mike is a charity consultant, trustee and founder of Lime Green Consulting. Lime Green Consulting provides affordable consultancy for smaller charities, specialising in strategic planning, hands-on fundraising support, training and mentoring. He’s a friend of mine and I admire the way he uses his influence, so I […]

Speaking On Influence At An International Charity Conference

This Friday, I will be in Jersey, speaking at an international charity conference hosted by Variety International. You can learn about their work here and the conference details are here. You can see me on the Speakers’ Page here. I am very excited to be speaking on the topic of how people can grow their […]

Why Influence Is Not About Ego

  Why wouldn’t you be passionate about your chance to change the world? Why wouldn’t you want to share with people if you are good at something? Why shouldn’t you be proud of your efforts when you do this successfully? You would, you would and you should.   However, there are certain circumstances when people […]

Quick Tips To Make You A Better Influencer

My ‘One Minute Influence’ series is picking up pace on YouTube- I am publishing roughly one video every week. Recent additions include: Stop Thinking And Start Doing Following Up With People It is quite a challenge for me to cover each subject in a minute or less, sometimes I go slightly over and have to […]