Influencer Stage- Interview 1: Octavius Black

  This is the very first interview in the Influencer Stage series, where I introduce you to effective influencers whose example will help you take your game to the next level. I’m thrilled that Octavius Black, someone whose work I greatly admire, is the first interviewee.   Octavius co-founded Mind Gym in 2001. He also […]

How Can You Learn From What Annoys You About Others?

  I used to be a person who was always late. Not to class- but when meeting my friends. It was a running joke. Then I lived in Japan for two years where that was a big cultural no-no. Almost overnight I became someone who prided myself on being someone who gets to places early […]

Discovering The ‘Golden Threads’ Of Your Work

  What are the golden threads that run through your work and through your life? A few years ago, although I was pleased with many of the things that I had achieved in my career I was a bit worried that it lacked coherence. Some people come out of school or university and know exactly […]

Are You A Teacher?

To help you influence others, I think it is very useful to think about being a teacher. Once you identify as a teacher it helps you think about how you communicate your ideas to others- what they want to get from you, how they prefer to receive information and ideas- and more. I’ve been a teacher on […]

Lessons From The Longest Walk Of My Life

  Yesterday I went on the longest walk of my life, around Berlin. I’m no stranger to walking- my parents love walking and growing up, walking quite a lot- for leisure and getting around in general, was normal.   But I haven’t been on a walk this long before. It ended up at being around 42km […]