Are You A Teacher?

To help you influence others, I think it is very useful to think about being a teacher. Once you identify as a teacher it helps you think about how you communicate your ideas to others- what they want to get from you, how they prefer to receive information and ideas- and more. I’ve been a teacher on […]

Lessons From The Longest Walk Of My Life

  Yesterday I went on the longest walk of my life, around Berlin. I’m no stranger to walking- my parents love walking and growing up, walking quite a lot- for leisure and getting around in general, was normal.   But I haven’t been on a walk this long before. It ended up at being around 42km […]

Reaching Out To New Audiences

    This week I am really looking forward to speaking at a coworking breakfast event in Berlin. The event is called Betabreakfast and I will be one of three speakers. I don’t know the other speakers, I am unlikely to know anyone in the audience (unless my wife is able to come along!) and […]

Taking Time Out To Get A Different Perspective

  How do you take time out of your daily routine? Do you manage to do it daily? Weekly? Monthly? Or once a year on your holiday? What is it that helps you to detach your mind from your immediate surroundings and dream big? Going on a walk? Meditating? Listening to music? Being in a […]

International Speech- Growing Your Influence

    In this speech at the Variety International World Conference in Spring 2016 (just uploaded), I explain how you can grow your influence to increase the impact you have on the world. I discuss: – Why Influence Matters – How Influence In The Modern World Is Different – Online And Offline Influence – Other […]

50 Inspiring People Interviewed For Social Good Six

  I’m very happy to share with you that the 50th interview from my Social Good Six series, with the brilliant Steve Allman , has been published. You can learn about the series fully here, but in brief:   I find amazing people bringing good into the world. It doesn’t matter how they are doing it. […]

Some Great Personal Branding Tips

I recently came across the video above on the subject of personal branding and I wanted to share it with you. I particularly like the use of the example of Las Vegas and the way the hotels there use branding- to help explain how you can embed your message and the impression that you want […]