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My free online networking course, called ‘How To Network’, has nearly 5000 students enrolled. You can check it out here. The course can be completed at your own pace and is packed full of tips that will help you to be both a better and a more confident networker. Reviews of the course include: A […]

Ten Little Wins To Keep You Moving Forward

Ten Little Wins To Keep You Moving Forward

Sometimes, despite your best of intentions your day just isn’t going well. I wanted to share 10 little wins that you can build into what you are doing to make yourself feel like things are moving forward: 1- Share something of you with the world 2- Share something to help someone else’s work 3- Take […]

Thinking About Your Audience

Thinking about your audience is one of the most important parts of influencing others and growing your influence over time. Whether you are trying to influence people offline, online or both, identifying and then working with your audience will be key to your efforts.   Here are 5 important points that will help you in […]