A Question From The Influencer Tribe- The Professional And The Personal Online

  This is the first in a new series of questions from members of the Influencer Tribe.   A member of The Influencer Tribe asked me about how to get the split right between the professional and the personal online. I think that this is a fascinating question. It taps into many related issues, like […]

Influencer Tribe Interview 2- Rachel Eden

  This is the second interview in the series, with Influencer Tribe member Rachel Eden. Thanks for agreeing to be interviewed, Rachel!   1-     Please could you tell us a bit about yourself and your work? I am the Coordinating Director of Holy Brook Associates, our mission is to enable people to improve their organisations […]

What Is Social Influence?

  Do you know what social influence means? In this article, I’m going to try and explain.   Social influence is basically when you are affected by other people: it might be your emotions that are affected or your beliefs or your behaviours   Sometimes people will set out with the intent of influencing other […]

Early Days, Helping My Tribe

  In the early days of The Influence Expert, I’ve been putting some time and thought into building up a community of people who are interested in what I do and in the idea of growing their influence to increase the impact they have on the world. I’m starting to grow my tribe. I’ve already […]

The Influencer Tribe Interview Series

  I call the community that reads The Influence Expert regularly, are signed up to the email list or who interact with me on things like the ‘4 Influence Show’ on Periscope, the Influencer Tribe. The Influencer Tribe is made up of people who want to learn how to grow their influence to increase the […]

What Does Influence Mean?

  What does influence actually mean? Influence means many different things, such as:   Affecting change Having power Changing the world Having the ability to get other things, like money Getting others to do what you want Getting your own way It is all of these things and more.   What are some examples of […]

Influencer Tribe Questions- A New Series

  I’m starting a new series where I answer questions that members of the Influencer Tribe have put to me. The Influencer Tribe is made up of everyone who interacts with The Influence Expert- by reading the blogs, writing guest blogs, sharing content, listening in to my show on Periscope and more… The manifesto for […]

The Influencer Stage Interview Series

  I’m very happy to be able to explain about my new interview series with top influencers- ‘Influencer Stage’. One of the most effective ways to grow your influence is to learn from other people who use influence well. Even if they work in a different industry to you (or maybe sometimes even because they […]