Learning About Influence At LinkedIn HQ

Learning About Influence At LinkedIn HQ

Learning About Influence At LinkedIn HQ


It was a real treat last week to go back to LinkedIn’s office in London for an event jointly run by LinkedIn and Social Misfits Media. If you’d like to learn more please look out for the hashtag #Misfitslive

The event was for a select group of social good organisations who had come to learn about how to use LinkedIn more effectively, both to recruit and to grow their influence on the platform.

I am a massive fan of LinkedIn- my post about how it changed my life has more than 9000 views, I have written popular posts on topics like how to get more views for your LinkedIn articles and I offer LinkedIn support via , The Influence Expert.

It was exciting enough to go back to LinkedIn but when my wife Nisha and I were used as examples of people who use the LinkedIn publishing function effectively I was particularly thrilled!


I was particularly pleased that there was a discussion about using LinkedIn as a blogging platform, as this is something that I don’t think enough people or organisations take advantage of. LinkedIn represents a great opportunity to share your thoughts and expertise with people who are already interested in what you do on a professional level. If you are consistent in your posting it also helps to establish yourself as a thought leader in your field. In addition, LinkedIn serves as a great way to repurpose content that you might have already posted on your own website and can adapt to your LinkedIn audience.

Some of the most important topics we covered can be seen below.


Despite having used LinkedIn for many years I still picked up a lot of new ideas and it was a real privilege to hear straight from the company’s own employees. The photo below (and also at the top of this article) is of one of our other LinkedIn trainers, Umang Panchal.


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