Learning How To Influence With Instagram At Their HQ

Learning How To Influence With Instagram At Their HQ

Learning How To Influence With Instagram At Their HQ



It was amazing to be able to attend the #MisfitsLive event at Instagram HQ in London this morning. A big thanks, as ever, to the brilliant Carlos Miranda and his team.

Instagram is a platform that I am just starting to get to grips with myself.

I think many more individuals and organisations should use it and it particularly seems a missed opportunity for social good organisations who don’t try it to see if they can get traction from the platform.

As the #MisfitsLive event was for people who work in and around the charity sector, this represented a real chance to see how social good organisations might benefit.

Amazing to get tips directly from the Instagram team!

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It was fascinating to be able to learn from the experts at Instagram.

I was particularly struck by the stat that 47% of content in people’s Instagram feeds is from users they don’t know!

This represents a great opportunity to engage with people who have never heard of your cause or business.

It was particularly inspiring to see how people were using Instagram as a general platform to promote social good initiatives and to encourage people using the platform to meet up and make a difference in real life.

It was also great to have some examples of brands and individuals using Instagram well. Here’s a great article from CharityComms about charities getting it right.

Like all social media platforms I think it really helps to find a few people who use the platform well- especially people or organisations that are in some way similar to you- and then to learn from what they do. Of course, it is always a good idea to be supportive of other people using social media platforms. If you would like some likes, comments or shares of your posts it is great if you can do the same for others.

I think Instagram is so successful because it taps into a deep human interest in the visual. It is amazing to see how creative people can be on Instagram and the effort they put into creating things of profound beauty.

It was especially fun to go to visit Instagram for the first time the morning after turning up for a meetup in honour of Gary Vaynerchuk, social media wizard!

The crowd for the meetup with Gary Vaynerchuk in Soho Square, London!

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Social media, like Instagram, is a great way to build your influence online.

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