The LEAPS Model

The LEAPS Model


The Core Model behind The Influence Expert is called the LEAPS model.

It is the best way I know to think about all the aspects of building your influence that you need to cover.


I will go into a lot more detail in the future but on the launch day I just wanted you to give you the bare bones of what the model means.


L- Likeability – Do you relate well to others? Are you perceived as empathetic? Do people want to support you because they like what you stand for and who you are as a person?

E- Expertise – There are two parts to this. One- Have you built expertise in one or a number of areas that people see you as a leader in (and are willing to pay you for)? Two- Are you an expert at influencing other people? Do you understand how to do it?

A- Authenticity – Do you give people your real self? Are you able to express yourself with your true voice? Are you offering something unique?

P- Personal Brand – What are you known for? Is your brand consistent? Do you project your brand through everything that you do?

S- Synthesis – How are the other elements brought together? Are you strategic about growing your influence, using your influence and have you worked out what you really want to do if you gain more influence? Are you making sure that more influence is resulting in more impact?


The fact I am launching on 29th of February in a Leap Year seems like a beautiful piece of synchronicity with the model.

I look forward to discussing the LEAPS model itself and all the areas it covers in much great depth in the coming months.


Finally, if you would like to be in with the chance of winning some support to grow your influence,

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