Why Influence Is Not About Ego

Why Influence Is Not About Ego

Why Influence Is Not About Ego


Why wouldn’t you be passionate about your chance to change the world?

Why wouldn’t you want to share with people if you are good at something?

Why shouldn’t you be proud of your efforts when you do this successfully?

You would, you would and you should.


However, there are certain circumstances when people who try to influence others can seem like they are driven by ego. Having confidence in your own talents and a burning desire to share that talent with others is a good thing if you want to grow your influence.

However, the problem comes when:

  • People are fake- I don’t mind ‘faking it until you make it’ but you need to have some skill or something to share
  • People try to influence other people just so they can make a fast buck
  • People think that their greater knowledge of a subject or several subjects somehow makes them better human beings
  • People are inauthentic

Have you come across people like that? Maybe they seem impressive on the surface but either there is no substance to their bravado or they simply don’t seem to care about other people very much.

Also, if their luck runs out, they find that they have very few friends on their way back down from the stratosphere.

As your influence grows, it is important to think carefully about the type of influencer you want to be. After all, influence can be used for bad reasons as well as good ones. The most impressive people, in my view, are those who are able to do amazing things and inspire countless people while never forgetting to be kind to others- or forgetting that their own success depends on other people supporting them.

Influence should never be about getting a massive ego, it should be about sharing your unique gifts with the world while having an amazing time along the way.


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