LinkedIn Company Pages- An Opportunity

LinkedIn Company Pages- An Opportunity

LinkedIn Company Pages- An Opportunity


Do you have a company page on LinkedIn?

When I visited their London HQ for some training recently, it was one of the things that they emphasized. I had never set up a page, but following their advice I did so for The Influence Expert- you can see it here.

I am really pleased that the page is already attracting attention and the amount of followers is growing.

So, why should you have a company page? Here are some of my reasons:

  • It is free! Linkedin don’t charge you extra to do this and anyone can do it (provided that you have permission from the company- or own the company!)
  • It is another way to share relevant content- like blog posts from your website- and to establish your brand
  • It is a good way for people outside your personal network to engage with what you do
  • Seeing the way that people react to content gives you added feedback about what your LinkedIn audience is interested in. This will help you craft interesting posts/updates on LinkedIn and will help you hone your message so that you attract more potential customers/collaborators/employees for your company
  • It makes you look professional- it helps to establish your brand and shows that you are bothered about taking the time to communicate to people about your company


One important thing to remember if you are setting one up is that you need a company-specific email- a gmail email address for example, won’t work.

Also, if there are other people in your company, please encourage them to visit your company page and share things posted on it. This will greatly emphasize the reach you have. It is in their best interests too, as the part of their profile that mentions the company they work at will link directly to the page.

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