Reaching Out To New Audiences

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Reaching Out To New Audiences


This week I am really looking forward to speaking at a coworking breakfast event in Berlin.

The event is called Betabreakfast and I will be one of three speakers.

I don’t know the other speakers, I am unlikely to know anyone in the audience (unless my wife is able to come along!) and I’ve never been to the venue before.

To some people, that would be intimidating, but to me it represents a great new opportunity to reach out to and learn from a new audience. The only reason it is not intimidating for me is because, for as long as I’ve remembered I have put myself in new, testing situations and tried to just give it my best shot. Of course, like anyone I can get butterflies before speaking but that’s generally because I am excited at the opportunity and keen to do well rather than that I am dreading it.

What ways do you have to reach out to new audiences? Of course, the internet represents a really powerful example. Are there other things that you could do though?

As well as new audiences being potential customers for you- of your product, your message, your expertise – speaking to a wide range of people means that you are more likely to get useful feedback. Sometimes maybe you will want to get yourself in front of a group of people who know nothing about what you do because you are considering moving into a new market and you want to tailor what you offer to be of interest to them.

How do you reach out to new people? If you feel inspired, please write a comment or let me know on social media.


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