How To Get Your First 1000 Views On YouTube

The Influence Expert Channel on YouTube now has more than 1000 views, which is great for such a new business.

Video represents a new and growing way for people to reach out to their audiences.

But how do you get a good start on your channel?

I’d give three main tips:

1- Think about the general principles of making your content work harder for you

2- Try to be consistent in the way you release content- for example I am trying to release one video a week in my ‘One Minute Influence’ video series, where I give an influence tip in a minute or less

3- Try to make gradual improvements over time. I still have a lot of improvements to make for the videos I shoot myself, but I think I have improved in a variety of important ways. Key ways to improve might be your presenting skills, the lighting, the sound and video quality, the titles and keywords and descriptions of your videos etc

Also, try to pick one video that you would particularly like other people to see- either because you feel it represents you well, it is good quality, or it contains a particular message that you would like to spread- and promote it hard. In my case for example, I am particularly keen to promote the video below:


It contains my first major international speech on the subject of influence- the sound and video quality are great (it was recorded by professionals and the venue was a cinema) and there are a number of reasons why I would like people to see it. For example, it is a longer video so it allows me to expand on some of the topics that are important to me, it shows I am confident in front of an audience and it was for a good cause- it was filmed at an international charity conference that I would like more people to know about.

I want lots of people to see this video so I spend extra time promoting it. I think that it gives a good impression of me and of my business and if someone comes to my YouTube channel I would like them to see that it is one of my most popular videos.

Also of course before you do any promotion or even set up the channel in the first place, you need to think a bit about why you want to broadcast to your audience in this way.

Three important reasons for me are:

1- It brings me and my business to the attention of new people. For example, people who use YouTube but don’t really use other social media channels I broadcast on. It helps to drive these people to my website.

2- It helps me connect more deeply to my current audience. Many of the people who visit my website or who are on my email list have never met me in person. I want them to see what I sound and look like and feel that they have the chance to ‘get to know’ me a bit better. Hopefully in my videos I come across as a genuine, passionate and happy person.

3- Making videos forces me to clarify my thinking in a different way to say, writing articles. I am developing my own thinking over time and articulating concepts via videos makes me think about topics more deeply.


I hope you found these tips useful for promoting your own videos and the videos of the organisations that you support. Good luck!


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