Why I Want To Have Influence

Why I Want To Have Influence

Why I Want To Have Influence

I know life is short and I want to make the biggest contribution I can while I am here. I have always had that drive.

The Influence Expert provides a way for me to teach other people about influence while continuing to grow my own influence and ability to make an impact on the world.

Having more influence means that I can really do something about causes I care about (some of them are listed here), that I can help sate some of my natural curiosity about the world through having new and wonderful experiences and that I can hopefully make my own small mark on things, using the wonderful opportunity that being alive has given me.

Through growing my influence I’ve just had more exciting experiences than I everĀ could have imagined. I say these things not to boast but to observe how life can take you in amazing directions if you successfully grow your influence:


  • Invited to a private dinner by a Rear Admiral in Nelson’s Cabin on HMS Victory
  • Having a door held open for me by the man who arguably stopped the Cold War becoming hot
  • Becoming a Chief Executive of a national charity aged 30
  • Helping to run a voluntary teaching programme in Romania
  • Living and working full-time in three countries so far


Where has influence taken you in your life? Where will it take you? How can you use it to have a bigger impact on the world?


Finally, if you would like to be in with the chance of winning some support to grow your influence,

please sign up for my free launch contest!


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2 thoughts on “Why I Want To Have Influence

  1. I like your messages that being influential is just as much connected with learning other people’s motivations; establishing a good relationship and being patient as it is concerned with driving home your own agenda.

    • Thank you- and exactly- you need to think about what the other person wants. Also, you are often trying to build a relationship over time, there doesn’t need to be a ‘winner’, you can both win!