The Influence Expert- #influencelaunch This Monday!

The Influence Expert is launching this Monday, February 29th!

The hashtag associated with the launch is #influencelaunch, which is being used across a lot of different social media platforms.

The modern world, particularly the online world, puts at our disposal a range of tools, that mean, with work and application anyone can have some influence and have an impact on the projects and causes they care about. Some people do fantastic work but are less good at leveraging what they do and sharing it effectively with other people. Or, they do a decent job at this but are still struggling to move beyond a certain level of influence. This can hold true for companies and organisations as much as it does for individuals.

I believe I can help.


So, please join me on the journey by doing three things.


1- Share your support on social media in the run up to the launch, using the hashtag #influencelaunch

Example message ‘Looking forward to #influencelaunch on the 29th of February – see @influenceexpert for more!’


2- Looking out for the launch on the 29th of February and joining in with the messages using the #influencelaunch hashtag


3- Signing up to the website once launched if you are interested in the topic- I promise lots of good things!

You can also learn more about #influencelaunch on Soundcloud


Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.

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2 thoughts on “The Influence Expert- #influencelaunch This Monday!

  1. When I am ever in need of a bit of mentorship or plain old guidance and support, I turn to Alex. I have long looked to him for work-related but also personal inspiration and he always has it. In bucket loads. A hugely energetic and bright guy, I look forward to Alex’s new venture taking off on 29th February. Like the leap year, it isn’t at all routine and will be well worth the wait!!