Introducing An Influencer Series- Julia Hobsbawm

This new series is where I introduce the work of an influencer who I particularly admire and think that you could learn something from.

As I am sure you know, networking is a huge part of influence and therefore something I spend a lot of time thinking about- note my free course here for example.

Well, the best networker I know is Julia Hobsbawm, who I mentioned in my book. Not only is Julia a very effective networker herself- I have seen her in action- but she spends a great deal of time thinking about how to connect people.

She was the world’s first Professor of Networking: I was lucky enough to attend her inaugural lecture.

Julia’s business, Editorial intelligence pledges to: ‘help you stay connected, smart and up to speed’.

One of the most amazing events it runs is the Names Not Numbers Conference. If you had asked me a few years ago what was the number one conference I wanted to go to in my life, it was this one- and to my great delight I have now been. You can read my report here. One of the highlights for me was meeting and thanking a fellow attendee who (apart from my parents) is one of the people who probably made the biggest difference to my life.

They also run the fascinating awards ‘The Comment Awards‘ for which I was a judge, many other events and a daily UK comment summary- I recommend you sign up if you are in the UK or would like to be kept up to date with news that relates to the UK.

Julia’s brand new book is called ‘Fully Connected’. I was so excited to read it that I pre-ordered a copy and downloaded it the day it was published.

It is about ‘social health’ and the impact of technology and ever increasing connections in our modern lives.

It has already generated a great deal of press coverage- and of praise. For example, here is an interview with Julia about the book in The Evening Standard.

To buy ‘Fully Connected’ you can go to the publisher’s site (as I did) or to Amazon– where you can also read my glowing review.

Watch Julia talk a little about her recent work here:

You can follow Julia on Twitter here and on Instagram here. The Twitter account for her new book (with details of events) is here.

Here is a longer speech in which she explains some of the ideas that she works on:

I urge you to find out more about Julia’s work for yourself and if you are ever able to attend one of the many events she puts together, you owe it to yourself to go.

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