Influencer Tribe Questions- A New Series

Influencer Tribe Questions- A New Series

Influencer Tribe Questions- A New Series


I’m starting a new series where I answer questions that members of the Influencer Tribe have put to me. The Influencer Tribe is made up of everyone who interacts with The Influence Expert- by reading the blogs, writing guest blogs, sharing content, listening in to my show on Periscope and more…

The manifesto for The Influence Expert- and by extension, for the Influencer Tribe is:


I am on the path to growing my influence.

I know I have the unique opportunity to make a difference.

Others may put me down or belittle my efforts.

They can’t see, as I can, the impact I’m going to have.

Just watch out, world!


The reason I want to share questions is because often when someone else asks a question it is either something that we wanted to know ourselves, or it puts us on a new path of discovery.

Regarding the latter, let’s suppose someone asks me a question about posting videos online to spread the word about what they do. If you have never considered using video yourself, the question and my answer may prompt you to do so, or at least think about it more carefully as a possible option for the future.

I plan to make the questions in this series anonymous- so if you ask me something, you don’t have to worry that your name will be plastered across the site!

If you would like me to answer a question publicly let me know and I will either do it as part of this series, on my weekly ‘4 Influence Show’ on Periscope, or via some other means. There is no such thing as a silly question- everything will help us to learn and grow as a community.

Sometimes if I am asked a question privately and I think it is something that others can learn from I will ask the person who asks the question if I can answer it as part of this series. That will give me the time to think through my answer properly and to prepare something more comprehensive.

I hope you enjoy the series and I look forward to getting more questions- you can contact me directly, find me across social media or write questions in the comments section underneath any of the blogs.

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.

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