Influencer Stage- Interview 1: Octavius Black

Influencer Stage- Interview 1: Octavius Black

Influencer Stage- Interview 1: Octavius Black


This is the very first interview in the Influencer Stage series, where I introduce you to effective influencers whose example will help you take your game to the next level. I’m thrilled that Octavius Black, someone whose work I greatly admire, is the first interviewee.


Octavius co-founded Mind Gym in 2001. He also leads Mind Gym’s CSR program, Parent Gym, which provides free parenting courses to parents and children in low-income parts of London and Ireland. Octavius co-authored the four Mind Gym books.
1- How is your ability to influence others useful in your work and your life in general?


I would have achieved nothing without it (and a lot more if I were better…..).



2- What is the biggest thing that has helped you to grow your influence?


(i) appreciating that people make decisions for their reasons, not mine

(ii) that reason has, at best, a minor part to play in influencing anyone.



3- Who is someone you admire who uses their influence effectively?


TED. Well over 1 billion people have learned about an idea worth spreading since the first annual conference in 1990 and TED’s influence keeps on growing.



4- What would you see as the biggest challenge if you wanted to make your influence greater than it is now?


Listening. I rarely listen enough but when I do people tell me everything I need to know about them.



5- If people would like to learn more about your work, where should they look and how can they engage with you?


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