You Are OK, Just As You Are

You Are OK, Just As You Are

You Are OK, Just As You Are


There is something that I really wanted to comment on. On this site I share many tips and questions to get you thinking about how to improve your level of influence.

Often, to do that effectively we need to look closely at what is working well right at the moment and what we need to improve. Which skills we have and which we need to sharpen. In what ways we are influencing effectively and in what ways less effectively.

I want to introduce you to inspiring people who will help you redefine excellent and who will push you to do more than you ever thought possible.

However, as important as I think it is to improve and to be the best that we can be (very important) I also think that you need to recognize how good you already are.

Not only do you need to be proud of yourself, as I have already covered in a previous article, but you need to realise what a good position you are already in.

  • You already have lots of skills– Whether you take the time to recognize it or not, you already have so many skills that you can use- and already use- in the service of your goals. You have skills that might seem mundane to you but that other people would dearly love to have.
  • You have already achieved things in your life– Hopefully you are able to recognize some of the good things that you have achieved in your life. If you find it hard, imagine some of the nice things that your best friend or a supportive colleague might say about you.
  • By seeking to improve, you are already ahead of the game– So many people don’t think they need to improve, which means that they don’t grow as much as you do or you will. Others are scared to try because they think it will make them look foolish and take them out of their comfort zone. Some are too lazy to try.

So, let’s go on a journey of self-improvement together- but let’s also acknowledge that we are OK, just as we are.

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