Work With Me

I want to serve people who feel like they are already achieving a lot but have more to share with the world.

There are two main ways I work- 1-1 work and group training.

For each, I use The LEAPS Model  to help people recognize the areas where they can grow and develop their influence and give them a framework for moving forward.

I help high achievers find and promote their USP to make a difference to the world. I do this by helping them define what they most want to achieve; what makes them stand out, what will strengthen their personal brand and jointly build a plan to take their level of influence forward.

I am happy to help people with their career or with any aspect of their general life. In each case I will challenge you to define not just the influence you want to have but crucially the impact you want to make. I will give you the tools to transform your ability to influence.

Here are some specific things I can help with:

  • People who want to be able to influence a larger number of people than they currently do
  • People who want to reassess what they want to do in the next period of their lives- what they want to have an impact on and who they want to influence
  • People who want to make sure their work is noticed by their superiors to get a promotion or as a freelancer so then can win more work
  • Businesses wanting their employees trained to grow their influence and take their career forward while also showing them how to grow the influence of the company.

These are just a few of the situations I can help with, please contact me directly for a no-obligation conversation to discuss your 1-1 or training needs and I will put together a tailored package.


A senior London leader

‘I’ve had an extremely successful career so far and run a large, prominent organisation. I hired Alex to help me take the next steps in growing my influence to a national level. He helped me to look at my work with fresh eyes, to challenge myself about what I wanted to achieve and to double-down on the things that make me most effective. I now have a plan to help me move forward and know that Alex will provide additional guidance when I need it’


Katherine Sparkes, award-winning entrepreneur

‘Alex helped an organisation I led expand the influence it had, meaning that we were able to have a greater impact on our cause. He did this by helping us define exactly what we were trying to achieve and then putting together a communications plan for us that reached out to key people in our niche’


I am also available for:


Speaking- I am available to speak publicly on the topic of influence including areas such as personal branding and networking

Work With Me

Speaking at the British Embassy in Lisbon


Learning & Development Team of The British Embassy Budapest

Alex visited the Embassy to talk about influence. He gave a speech to a group of Embassy staff, helping them to understand how to use influence to further their work and careers. He then ran a series of 1-1 sessions helping staff with specific questions relating to influence and personal branding. Our team really enjoyed working with him and now have a much better understanding of influence so they can have more of an impact on the things they focus on’


Interviews- I am happy to be interviewed, here is an example

Media work- If you need an informed opinion on issues of influence in the modern world, please get in touch

Writing articles- Here are some examples of guest posts I’ve written- one, two, three, four, five. I also provide expert comment such as here.

To contact me, feel free to link to me on LinkedIn, or email me via theinfluenceexpert AT gmail DOT com