Quick Tips To Make You A Better Influencer

My ‘One Minute Influence’ series is picking up pace on YouTube- I am publishing roughly one video every week.

Recent additions include:

It is quite a challenge for me to cover each subject in a minute or less, sometimes I go slightly over and have to film again!

Through these videos I want to show you that:

  • There are so many different aspects to the field of influence that you can master (which is one of the reasons I find it so fascinating)
  • There are things that you can do, right now, which will make a difference to your ability to influence
  • In order to influence effectively, you need to think critically about the way you engage with the world

I hope that the accessible format of the videos mean that you enjoy them and their short length mean that you can fit watching them into your busy schedules.

If there is anything that you would particularly like me to cover, let me know!

Also, I think that the evolution of my videos gives a useful lesson in what growing influence is like. While I am pretty comfortable in front of a camera due to little bits of experience I have built up over the years, it is by no means second nature to me. Filming the videos myself (previously I have mainly appeared in videos filmed by other people) is also new to me. I am only just getting started but I am learning a little more every time I shoot one about things like audio, minimizing background noise, the way I come across when I present my topic- lots of things.

I am keen to improve but also keen to experiment as the learning style I prefer is normally to test things a bit myself rather than just following what other people tell me.

My experience with videos is a little like what growing influence is like in general- you put systems in place, you generally improve over time, but now and again you have setbacks. For example, sometimes I shoot a video and while the video quality is good, for some reason the audio isn’t. Or, both video and audio are good, but I repeated myself too much.

What is most inspiring is when your standards begin to improve- videos that a few months ago I would have been proud of seem amateurish now- and there are so, so many improvements I still need to make.

Also, another key lesson for influence here is the idea of doing the best you can with what you have. I know that if I had a proper studio I could make much better videos. But at the moment in some ways a proper studio would be wasted on me, because I still have so much to learn. So, I am making do with the resources I have and trying to be proud of myself for trying something new rather than being critical for not being perfect.



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