Why You Need To Find Your Own Path

Why You Need To Find Your Own Path

Why You Need To Find Your Own Path


Do you feel that you are on your own path?


This question could be answered in a number of different ways- but what I am trying to get you to think about is the idea that ultimately it needs to be you that decides the direction you travel in.

Of course, we may be limited by our personal circumstances in a variety of ways, but we should strive to create the life that we want, not the one that others want for us or push us towards.

Finding your own path can mean finding your own way concerning some of the big issues in life, but also the small, everyday things.

Whatever you learn from other people (including, hopefully, something from this site!) what really matters is how you apply everything to the context of your own life. No-one else has had exactly your sum of experiences ever before in the history of the world. No-one will again. No-one has had, or ever will have again, your exact mix of talents, of likes and dislikes. No-one knows exactly what it is like to be in your head and (unless technology advances to that point) no-one ever will.


So, when you want to grow your influence, you have to have you and who you are and what you want to achieve and the way that you do things, in mind. Otherwise you may get to an ambitious goal using other people’s methods, but find that when you get there that either it wasn’t the goal you actually wanted to get to- or that you felt no pleasure in the journey.

When I share tips and tricks about influence, I do so hoping that it will resonate with you and allow you to make progress in your own job, your own ambitions and ultimately your own life. Over time I will introduce you to a range of influencers, some of whom you will relate to more than others. What matters is how you put the principles I teach and the principles they teach into practice, to the service of your own goals, your own hopes and your own dreams.

It is an amazing but an awe-inspiring reality that it is us that need to make changes in our life, others can’t do it for us.

We all, me very much included, need to find our own path.

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2 thoughts on “Why You Need To Find Your Own Path

  1. I found this thought-provoking and helpful, thanks Alex. For me, finding your own path often involves taking a (somewhat calculated) risk or two, and learning to be brave enough to take the path that really suits you, and not someone else. This doesn’t come easily, but at least visualising what the path is (and the risks involved in reaching it) can help direct you to the gravel path you want to walk down. With a bit of luck, good friends can help provide useful directions and one or two may even help you to start sketching the map, that then allows you to start out on this braver, more fulfilling path.

    • Really good points Andy- I particularly like the idea about you having to find the path that really suits you and not other people.

      As you say though it is also important to share some of your plans with other people/get some feedback- that’s a lesson for people such as me who sometime have a tendency to try to do everything themselves!