The Manifesto For The Influence Expert

The Manifesto for The Influence Expert

 The Manifesto for The Influence Expert

The Manifesto for The Influence Expert is:

I am on the path to growing my influence.

I know I have the unique opportunity to make a difference.

Others may put me down or belittle my efforts.

They can’t see, as I can, the impact I’m going to have.

Just watch out, world!

I wanted to take the opportunity, seeing as this is launch week for The Influence Expert, to explain a little more about what it means.

Whenever we try to improve ourselves- growing our influence, for example- there is always a chance that others will put us down or give us reasons that we shouldn’t follow our dreams.

Not only that, but sometimes we will put ourselves down too:

Who are we, thinking that people want to listen to us?

Do we really think we will make a difference to the world?

We will fail and people will laugh at us.

I’m here to tell you that things aren’t that bad:

We are unique individuals who each have something to share- lots of people will listen to us, we just need to find each other.

We make a difference to the world already, every single day. Every time we try our best, every time we smile at another person, every time we get out of bed, ready to face what a new morning brings.

Yes, we will fail, but through our failure we will grow stronger. Through our failure we will learn. As Edison said:

I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work

Sometimes, we will work hard for a long time and no-one will see the progress we are making. Sometimes, a lot of the time it won’t even feel like we are making progress.

But if we have ambition, we work hard and we are eager to learn- we will create something beautiful one day.

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