The Influencer Stage Interview Series

The Influencer Stage Interview Series

The Influencer Stage Interview Series


I’m very happy to be able to explain about my new interview series with top influencers- ‘Influencer Stage’.

One of the most effective ways to grow your influence is to learn from other people who use influence well. Even if they work in a different industry to you (or maybe sometimes even because they do) you can learn a lot by their practical application of influence in their lives.

I love introducing my readers to new, brilliant people and I love sharing lessons that improve their ability to be effective influencers. I hope that the interview with each influencer encourages people to look more closely at their work and to have a better opportunity to learn from some of the tips that they mention. I am interested in featuring people of whatever age, from whatever industry, as long as they effectively use influence, I’m keen to get to know them more!


In the interview series, I ask each influencer the same 5 questions:


1- How is your ability to influence others useful in your work and your life in general?

2- What is the biggest thing that has helped you to grow your influence?

3- Who is someone you admire who uses their influence effectively?

4- What would you see as the biggest challenge if you wanted to make your influence greater than it is now?

5- If people would like to learn more about your work, where should they look and how can they engage with you?


Thanks to Nisha Kotecha of Good News Shared for designing the logo for the series!


The first interview has already been published and can be seen below.

Influencer Stage- Interview 1: Octavius Black


Look out for more, other interviews are in the pipeline! I will be approaching potential interviewees individually, if there is someone that you would love to see featured or who you would like to recommend, please let me know…


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