Bonuses For The Project You Competition!

Announcing The Winner Of Project You....


My FREE competition, Project You, is ending on the 15th of January.

As promised, I am offering some bonuses in addition to the general prize package already detailed in the link above.


The three bonuses are:


1- I have launched my first online course called ‘How To Network’

Our First Online Course On Networking- Totally Free!


The course outlines how to be a better and more confident networker.


I will teach the winner of Project You using some of the principles outlined in the course and help them to become a better networker.





2- As part of the free consultancy course I’m offering the winner I will include a personalized version of my LinkedIn Mastermind Package to help you crack this important platform.

How To Get Lots Of People To Read Your LinkedIn Posts


I have taken the time to master LinkedIn and will help you do so too!








3- I will make a podcast discussing/promoting your work and brand as the winner of the competition.

Here is where I host my podcasts:


Entering the competition is very simple, it will take you about 10 seconds.

But remember, you have to sign up by the 15th of January to win!



Bonuses For The Project You Competition!


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