Are You A Possibility Person?

Are You A Possibility Person?

Are You A Possibility Person?



I’m sure that you’ve been asked, or thought about, whether you are a glass half full or half empty sort of person before.

But have you been asked if you are the sort of person who is alive to possibilities?

Everyone has frustrations and days that don’t go well but if you can see possibilities in different situations then you are much more likely to be able to grow your influence. Plus of course there are many possibilities that you yourself create.

I would divide these into three types of possibilities. Small possibilities, big possibilities and uncertain possibilities.

Small possibilities– A small possibility is basically a situation where something has changed, (maybe even something you didn’t want to happen) and you take advantage of the situation. For example, your train is delayed and you use the time to sort some planning so that when you arrive at your destination you can make more out of your day.

Big possibilities– Big possibilities are situations that you are more likely to create yourself. Things like applying to give a speech so that you can expand your audience, or managing to secure lunch with a potential client, or taking a job in a different city because it has opportunities for promotion. Big possibilities will depend very much on who you are and what you want in life.

Uncertain possibilities– All possibilities are in some way uncertain. An uncertain possibility here means when you do something that is quite outside the norm for you. It could be anything from, say, paying for a photography course because you think that you might like to try a new career as a photographer, to deciding to go freelance because you think you will be happier if you are your own boss. This category could also include seemingly tiny things like taking a different route to work or starting a role as a volunteer.

I think the most important thing is that you are alive to possibility in your life. However fixed your life feels (and of course I acknowledge that not everyone has the same opportunities as everyone else), your life is a construct. If you embrace possibility you can change it if it isn’t going well or improve it yet further if it is.

Another reason why embracing possibility matters is simply that disrupting your routine can help inspire your creativity and give you fresh impetus to achieve the things you want to. Embracing possibility lets you look at the world through fresh eyes and stops you getting stale.

If you can be a ‘possibility person’ the impact it will have on your ability to influence others in your life will be profound.


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2 thoughts on “Are You A Possibility Person?

  1. I realised a couple of years ago how one’s comfort zone can shrink as one gets older – things you would consider having a go at as a young person, with eager anticipation, without too much heed to consequences may need serious consideration by someone in middle age. I learned to test my comfort zone and to be less afraid of stepping out of it – and it was fine! Now I try to do this on a regular basis – just to see. Thankfully I’m less concerned about looking daft than when I was younger and am trying to have the courage to make mistakes…..Being alive to possibility is a wonderful prospect!