Hi, I’m Alex Swallow, The Influence Expert.

I believe that everyone– individuals, companies, institutions- needs to grow their influence if they are going to have the greatest impact possible on the things that matter to them.

In essence, influence is getting people to do what you want, without forcing them to do so or being in a position of authority over them.

I’ve grown my career to be a recognized thought leader in some of the things that matter most to me. I’ve been the Chief Executive of a national charity, founded my own organisation and grown a large online following that helps me to communicate my message. I’m regularly asked to speak at national and even international events.

But, it wasn’t always like this. Just a few short years ago, my working life wasn’t heading in the direction I wanted it to. I knew that I had potential and I had shown it in flashes, but I didn’t know how to take the steps I needed to really springboard my career. I wasn’t that far away from ‘giving up’ on the life I was striving for.

Have you ever felt like that? I expect you have, many many people do. Many of those are so discouraged they stop being the best that they can be and settle for a life of less.

I persevered, however, and my life turned a corner in so many ways. The more I studied the more I saw patterns in the things I did and the results I got. I wanted to share them with other people and my journey has brought me to this website and this business.

On my personal website, alexswallow.com, you can learn more about who I am and where I come from. In particular, you can see some of my work as a social entrepreneur and more about how I have grown my influence during my career so far. If you’d like to engage with my work I’d be honoured if you would sign up to receive emails from me (packed full of tips about how to grow your influence) or work with me in some way.

The LEAPS Model I have put together and the training around it will help you take the next step in growing your influence to increase your impact on the things that you care about.

To be clear, this site is only for high-achieving people with the ambition to really want to make a contribution to the world. Whatever that contribution is, is up to you. But if you are willing to put in the work, I will help you.

Of course I don’t have all the answers myself. I do have a fantastic network of people with expertise in every area of influence you can imagine. Plus, my own studies into the subject continue- I want to learn more and share the results with you so that you can become an influence expert in your own right. For example, here I share my learning from my first article to go viral online…

We are now in what I call ‘The Influence Century’- if you want to make waves in the world, influence is only going to increase in importance. The earlier you start the more that you stand to gain.

I look forward to going on a journey of growing influence with you and helping you to increase your impact.

I think of it as ‘Triple I- Influence Is Impact’– you can’t have the impact you want unless you first have the influence you need.

The Manifesto for The Influence Expert is:


I am on the path to growing my influence.

I know I have the unique opportunity to make a difference.

Others may put me down or belittle my efforts.

They can’t see, as I can, the impact I’m going to have.

Just watch out, world!


Just like you, I want to have an impact on the issues I care about- that’s exactly why I set up The Influence Expert. I’m trying every day to make the difference in the world that I want to see and I know you are too.


Selected testimonials about my work as The Influence Expert:


Peter Abbott

Deputy Ambassador, British Embassy Lisbon

“Alex has a fantastic ability to make his subject come alive. As inspirational as he is stimulating, you come away from talking to him about influence with a feeling that anything is possible.”


Rhys Morgan

Christian Group Support at Livingstone House UK

‘Alex supported my social change organisation through his work as The Influence Expert- helping me to get clarity about my plans, play to my strengths and think about the future strategies that will help grow my influence and increase the impact I can have on the issues I care about. I look forward to seeing his business develop and grow’


Jenny Mullinder

Content and Marketing Executive at Youth Employment UK

‘I first came across Alex on Twitter I think a couple of years ago and was impressed with his drive, determination, and passion for the charity sector. As well as taking time to connect with people and share his skills and passions, he also really resonates with me in terms of his mission and projects. He has made a huge difference already to the world, especially the charity and youth sector, and I know he’ll go on to do even bigger and better things! 

Now as The Influence Expert he’s offered me honest and practical feedback on my own online influence, and how to improve it. He has a nuanced and considered understanding of influence, and uses this creatively to support others’


Amanda Johnston

Networking and Membership, Social Enterprise NI

Would highly recommend Alex as he was very quick and professional and the knowledge and information he shared with me will help me to shape my Linkedin profile further and also enable me to make better use of my profile’


Rachel Eden

Coordinating Director, Holy Brook Associates

‘Alex is passionate about helping people grow their influence.  He has a social mission that shines through everything he does and his tips about growing your influence are helpful: both grounded in reality and inspiring’


Ways to learn from the work of The Influence Expert:

Sign up to the email list– If you sign up to the list you will get a collection of free documents that will help you grow your influence. You will also become a member of The Influencer Tribe– a community of people learning about influence and supporting each other. Every week I will email you with tips, articles and inspiring ideas- all around the subject of influence- all completely for free.


Look back through the articles already uploaded on the site

Some key ones are:

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Speaking at the British Embassy in Budapest


Watch videos on YouTube– The introduction to The Influence Expert Channel can be found here.

There are currently two major series on the Channel- the ‘One Minute Influence’ Series, where you can get quick tips about influence in a minute or less and the ‘Big Ideas’ Series where topics that relate to influence are discussed in more depth. Other videos, such as this are produced to complement the two series.


Listen to podcasts– There isn’t currently a regular podcast series, but podcasts on a range of influence topics can be found here.


Download the book ‘How To Become An Influencer‘- You can download the book (more than 100 pages long) for free- and learn more about it here.


The Influence Expert is also a digital nomad, working from various locations around the world – and jointly runs the largest group on LinkedIn for people interested in a way of working that is growing in popularity fast.

If you would like to be more involved with my community, please join The Influencer Tribe.