A Quick Way To Involve World Experts In Your Work

A Quick Way To Involve World Experts In Your Work

I recently wrote a well-received article on LinkedIn about the main mistakes that people make on that platform.

Then, I tagged a number of top LinkedIn experts in a post to see what their views were and if they could add some extra tips. You can see that post here.

It got more than 11,000 views!

Here are three things that are great about sharing your work with experts in this way:


  1. You get access to a new audience

If any of the experts give your post a like, a comment or a share, it will put your work in front of a new audience. If any of that audience does the same then your work will be seen by even more people.


2. You get new insights about your work

When you share your work with a wider audience, people mention all sorts of insights that you might not have thought of. This could include points you hadn’t considered, critiques of your work or new avenues to follow. As long as people do this in a constructive way, it is a very rewarding process.


3. You are able to help people by giving them more information.

By encouraging experts to comment you get new ideas to share with both your original audience and with any new audience that you pick up as well. This means that you can help more people and help them in a more profound way.

For example, one person in the comments under my post said: I am relatively new to using LinkedIn but have gleaned LOADS of information just from reading comments. Thank you folks!

The bonus reason is just that it is so quick to do- constructing a LinkedIn update and tagging experts in it takes minutes. Give it a try- and feel free to tag me in relevant content when you do!

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.

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