The Importance Of Making Sure You Thank Others

The Importance Of Making Sure You Thank Others


The Importance Of Making Sure You Thank Others

It’s incredibly important to thank others and I have found that the people who are the very best at influencing seldom forget to do this.

Whatever you achieve in your life is going to be, at least in part, due to the efforts of other people. I’m typing this right now on a laptop that someone else designed and someone else built. I’m only able to communicate with you because the Internet exists and I had no hand in creating that. Someone (many people) taught me to write, people taught me to blog, someone built the platform I use to run my website on…

There are a few people in my life, as I’m sure there are in yours, who have made a particular difference.

I’m not really talking about family or friends but about people who perhaps don’t even know us.

In my own case, one of those people is Dr. Anthony Seldon. In the post below I explain the influence that Dr Seldon had on my life. I was actually able to explain it to him, in person, as you will see:


Names Not Numbers- The True Human And Me

Who are the people that you need to thank in your life?

Who has contributed to the growth of your influence and who might contribute in the future?


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