Some Great Personal Branding Tips

I recently came across the video above on the subject of personal branding and I wanted to share it with you.

I particularly like the use of the example of Las Vegas and the way the hotels there use branding- to help explain how you can embed your message and the impression that you want to create in everything that you do, as well as the concept of ‘Points Of Difference’.

If you are interested in improving your personal brand, a really good person to follow and to learn from is Dorie Clark. I’m sure I’ll share more of her work in the future, but she posts so much amazing content.

An example of her thoughts about branding can be found in the video below:


Oh and if you aren’t convinced that you already have, or ‘need’ a personal brand, check out my video that explains why you do!

Personal branding is a key component of my LEAPS Model so I look forward to sharing a lot more information on this subject with you in the future.

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