Influence And Positivity

Influence And Positivity

  Keeping positive is an important part of influence. In my book ‘How To Become An Influencer’ I talk about it in the section about W- Wins (Quick wins and keeping positive):   Being proud of yourself matters so much- most humans have a tendency to be too hard on ourselves. There is an important balance […]

Our Most Important Influence Posts So Far

My First Viral Article Online- How To Have One Too!

  In no particular order, the top ten posts that I have produced about influence as The Influence Expert so far are:   1- What Is Social Influence? 2- The LEAPS Model 3- How To Become An Influencer 4- The Influence Star 5- Influence Is Impact 6- What Does Influence Mean? 7- Why You Should Think […]

Allowing Yourself To Be Influenced

  Influence isn’t just about how you can influence other people. It is also about learning how you are influenced and making sure that good influence comes into your own life. That’s what my latest video in the ‘Big Ideas’ Series is about.   Some of the questions that may be helpful for you to […]

A Sneak, Video Peek At Our New Book

    Here’s a quick video giving a sneak peek inside our book ‘How To Become An Influencer’. Remember, you can download it for free right here on this site. In the video you get to see the contents page- and there’s an explanation of the main sections and how the book will help you […]

The Influence Star

The Influence Star

The work of the Influence Expert is based around the LEAPS Model of Influence:   L- Likeability – Do you relate well to others? Are you perceived as empathetic? Do people want to support you because they like what you stand for and who you are as a person? E- Expertise – There are two parts […]

A New Podcast About The Launch Of My Book

I’ve recorded this podcast about the launch of my book- you can learn a bit more about what it contains and why I wanted to be able to share these ideas with the world.   Also, you might like this collection of tweets from the launch day– they are collated in a Twitter ‘Moment’, it is […]

How To Become An Influencer- Free Ebook From The Influence Expert

Influence Area 1- The L Of LEAPS ‘Likeability’

  I’m very excited to share my very first ebook with you. It’s called ‘How To Become An Influencer’ and there are three ways to get it: By signing up for my email list on this site – for FREE (this way you get 2 free bonuses which accompany it) By going to the store […]